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Our Loyalty program

Welcome to our loyalty program! Here, every SEK in the trip price is converted into points (every 10 SEK is converted to 1 point) which is then collec...

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Go to the High coast with us!

Travel with us to the heart of the High Coast to stops like Hornöberget, Docksta, Skule Naturum and Ullånger!

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Travel with us to and from Arlanda airport

Arlanda has become one of our most popular stops as many people appreciate the convenience of traveling directly from their hometown to the airport an...

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Stops and destinations

Here you will find Ybuss' line network with over 30 destinations and the names of all the stops.



February 3

More travels are now bookable!

Our booking is now open until April 11, including trips during the Easter holidays.

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April 22

Extra luggage as an additional service

It is now possible to add extra luggage as an additional service when you travel with us.

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August 1

Flexible travels with our rebooking and cancellation insurance

Plans can be changed for several reasons and therefore we offer a rebooking- and cancellation insurance for a surcharge in our booking.

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