Our Loyalty program


Our Loyalty program

Welcome to our loyalty program! Here, every SEK in the trip price is converted into points (every 10 SEK is converted to 1 point) which is then collected in your account in a voucher. The voucher that is created once a month can then be used as payment for future trips.


Each point is worth 1 SEK. Save your vouchers and use for an entire trip or use to discount an individual booking. The vouchers that are created then apply for 360 days. You register in My Account with email and password and then collect points when you log in to My account and book your trips. You also collect points if you use the add on Extra luggage.

You who are a Bonus Customer with us today, had an emailadress in your previous account and have used your account after 1/1 2018 can log in with your email address and choose Forgot password to create a new one and then gain access to your account.

If you are a bonus customer but have not used your account after 1/1 2018, are welcome to register a new account and start collecting valuable points. Feel free to contact us with questions!