Travel conditions

Customer service


It is not allowed to bring pets on board our buses. The exception is working dogs for the visually impaired, for example.



Bicycles may not be taken on board, with the exception of a folding bicycle in the associated bicycle bag, which is then counted as additional luggage according to the current price list (see also Luggage).


Bonus system

For all of you who travel frequently with Ybuss, there is the opportunity to collect points that can be used when paying for new trips. Only a person who has reached the age of 15 may become a member of the bonus program. Membership is free and personal.

By registering on My Account and then Logging in to when you book, you collect points on both travel and the additional service Extra luggage. Tickets purchased without being logged in to your member account are not possible to re-register. Earned points are automatically converted to a credit balance. This happens every calendar month (the 1st of every month) based on what was purchased/travelled for during the month before.

You get 1 point for every 10 krona (SEK) you pay. The points are collected each month into a voucher, which can then be used as payment for the next purchase or used for a later purchase. 1 point in the voucher is worth 1 krona (SEK).

The voucher is valid for 360 days. To receive the value, the booking must be made before the validity period has expired.

Points and balances are personal and cannot be transferred to another member. However, a member can choose to buy a ticket to another who wants to travel and thus collect bonuses. Points have no economic value per se, but generate a balance according to the formula above. Points can not be converted to a balance manually, but are only made by automatic reconciliation. Earned balance is not paid in the form of cash.

A trip purchased with a credit takes place under the same conditions as an ordinary trip, for example, regarding travel time guarantee.

Member offers and other information can be communicated via various channels, such as, via e-mail, letter and text message.

Membership cannot be sold, transferred, inherited or redeemed for cash. Account holders are responsible for the purchases and fees that are charged to the membership, regardless of what prompted the debit.

Lost password is received again via e-mail by entering the e-mail address in the field for "forgotten password".

Ybuss reserves the right to make changes to the content of the membership. Changes are announced at

The agreement is valid until further notice. 



Comfortable long-distance buses with folding seats make the journey comfortable. The buses are equipped with a toilet, air conditioning and seat belts. Sometimes we drive with extra buses on our trips. Look for our Ybuss sign in the windscreen, or in the destination sign above the windscreen, it guarantees that it is a bus in Ybuss traffic.


Cancellation- and rebooking insurance

A travel can, for an additional fee at the time of booking, be rebooked or canceled until the departure of the bus. The surcharge is non-refundable. Without the rebooking and cancellation insurance, the trip can be canceled but not refunded. For rebooking without rebooking insurance, a fee of SEK 100 is charged. A rebooking without insurance must be handled via

With the cancellation- and rebooking insurance, the trip can be rebooked once and canceled / refunded once thereafter.

Rebookings and cancellations can be made via our website / Manage booking, via My account or by phone via Ybuss Customer Service. Rebookings and cancellations can not be made via email.

A refund can take up to 4 banking days after cancellation. 

Children travel free in their own seat up to the day they turn 2 years old. Children 3-11 are granted a discount according to the current price list. Mandatory seatreservation. Ybuss does not have the option of providing passengers with a car seat/cushion, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

After a cancellation a vouchervalue is only refunded within the voucher's validity period and for bookings with cancellation- and rebooking insurance. 


Children travel free of charge until the day they turn two years old. Mandatory seat reservation applies and can be booked on Children 3-11 years old travel at a discounted price according to the current price list.

Children traveling alone: ​​Guardians are responsible for ensuring that the child is able to cope on his own on board, even in the event of unforeseen events that may occur. Ybuss is not able to offer extra supervision or take special responsibility for unaccompanied children.



A complaint is recommended to be made briefly and in writing within fourteen (14) days from the current travel day and sent in via the Complaint under the Customer Service tab on A complaint can be submitted for treatment up to two (2) months after the end of the trip. The complaint may need to be supplemented with receipts.



Connections to traffic-routes other than Ybuss's partner is not in Ybuss´s area of responibility. 



When our bus is delayed, the passenger is entitled to compensation in accordance with our terms on Travel Time Guarantee (see Travel Time Guarantee below). 



The categories Senior 65+, Youth 12-26 years, Student, Children 3-11 years and Infants 0-2 years are granted a discount according to the current price list.

Students with a valid card from CSN, Studentkortet or Mecenat (with or without SJ or SAS logo) are granted a discount according to the current price list. The discount also applies to international students with ISIC. Student cards and identification must be presented on board the bus.

Discount is given to Children up to and including the day they turn 12 and to Youth until the day they turn 27 years old. Age for young people must be substantiated with identification.

All children have the right to their own seat. Children travel for free on their own seat up to and including the day they turn 2 years old. Mandatory booking. Ybuss does not take special responsibility for children who travel without a guardian.


Dispute resolution

In the event of a dispute, we would like to draw attention to the existence of the EU's online dispute resolution platform This is in accordance with Article 14 (1) of Regulation (EU) 524/2013 on online dispute resolution in consumer disputes.



Baggage (that exceeds 2 suitcases + hand luggage) can be added as an Additional service according to a special rate. Bulky goods that have a large volume or large dimensions are not handled. Always contact Ybuss on 0771-33 44 44 before booking when you wish to bring goods that are not included in Additional services on 


Handling of personal data

The protection of your personal data is important to us. When you buy a trip from Ybuss, you provide information about yourself. If you buy a trip for someone else, you provide personal information about that person. Ybuss is responsible for handling personal data in accordance with current data protection legislation. Read about how Ybuss handles personal data, and about your rights under data protection legislation by clicking here.


Help for travelers with special needs

Ybuss' policy is to help all customers to a pleasant and pleasant journey as much as possible. If you have special needs, for example due to reduced mobility, impaired vision, impaired hearing, etc. you can contact Ybuss on 0771-33 44 44. Contact Ybuss no later than 7 days before the current trip is to take place so that we can plan the trip with you in the best way. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to meet all the needs that may arise and can therefore not guarantee that the trip can always be completed, but we always do our best.



For special holidays, we often develop our timetable further so that it better suits our customers. Please visit or contact Ybuss Customer Service for information on the latest timetable.


Information about traffic disruption

Ybuss informs, via text message or email, about all known traffic disruptions that are estimated to cause more than 30 minutes delay.


Lost and found

If items and luggage are left behind, the passenger can contact Ybuss' Customer Service on 0771-33 44 44 or


Luggage - incl. extras such as extra bag, folding bike, skis in case and golf bag

A maximum of two (2) suitcases per passenger may be included in the bus' cargo space (maximum dimensions 80x50x35 cm, maximum weight 20 kg). One (1) hand luggage may be taken inside the bus with a maximum dimension of 40x30x20 cm. For safety reasons, no luggage may be placed in the center aisle of the bus or at any exits.

The maximum value of the luggage may not exceed 15% of a price base amount (SEK 48,300 for the year 2022). See also conditions for luggage. Delicate luggage must be well packaged. Flammable or explosive luggage must not be carried. Please note that valuables or cash may not be stored in the bus' cargo space.

Additional luggage

Extra suitcase, in addition to the two (2) included, counts as a supplement according to the current price list as well as skis in a ski case and golf bag. Bicycles may not be included, with the exception of a folding bicycle in the associated bicycle bag, which is then counted as a supplement according to the current price list.

It is the traveler's obligation to mark luggage with name, address and telephone number. When disembarking, make sure you have the right luggage. Lost, damaged or stolen luggage is not reimbursed by Ybuss, we refer to the passenger's own insurance. The exception when Ybuss has acted with gross negligence or intent and in the event of an accident. Passengers are, in accordance with applicable law, entitled to compensation for luggage damaged or lost due to accidents that occur as a result of using the bus.


Payment on the bus

When paying on the bus, you travel according to the current price list. Ybuss is cashless, payment on board can be made by debit/credit card. On Ybuss / line 100, Sundsvall-Umeå and Ybuss / line 98 Sundsvall-Sollefteå, a place guarantee applies, and you are always guaranteed a seat. In the rest of the route network, you travel subject to availability if you choose to pay for your ticket on board.


Our prices for travel are governed by supply and demand and we apply dynamic pricing. This means that the price may vary.



Booking via Ybuss guarantees a seat on board. On Ybuss / line 100, the section Sundsvall-Umeå and Ybuss / line 98 Sundsvall-Sollefteå, a seat guarantee applies and you are guaranteed a seat if you choose to go directly to the bus with a creditcard or a pre-purchased travel document.



Ybuss stops only at the stops specified in the timetable. It is not allowed to step on and off in other places.


When traveling with children, a stroller may be taken along, folded in the bus' luggage compartment. The stroller counts as a suitcase or can be added as additional luggage in the booking.



"Ticket" is the document with the associated ticket number and QR code that is obtained when booking at or a Reseller, and ID documents that prove the right to any discounts. Tickets are sent via email and text message. Resplus ticket in printed format or as a mobile ticket is accepted on board Ybuss.

Travel document Västernorrland County
On Ybuss / line 100, the section Sundsvall-Umeå, and Ybuss / line 98 Sundsvall-Sollefteå, Din Turs Single Ticket (but not purchase in Din Turs app), Period Card, Travel Card with travel cash, Travel Service Card and Business Card also apply.

Travel document Västerbotten County
On Ybuss / line 100, the section Sundsvall-Umeå, Västerbotten's Länstrafiks Period Card, Single Ticket, Travel Card with travel cash, Travel Card (against invoice) and Business Card also apply.
In both counties, the Norrland trip applies. Transition tickets, Discount cards, Senior cards do not apply. School cards are only valid in Västerbotten County, not in Västernorrland County.
Purchase and charge of Din Turs / Västerbottens Länstrafik's travel card takes place at Din Turs / Västerbottens Länstrafik's points of sale.

The ticket must be saved throughout the trip, ticket checks occur regularly. If a passenger at check-in can not present a valid ticket, a check-in fee of f.n. SEK 1500 out. The same applies to passengers who cannot prove their right to a discount.

It is the traveler's responsibility to check that the information on the ticket / confirmation corresponds to the route, time and date ordered. Boarding and disembarking must be done at the booked stop.


Travel time guarantee

The travel time guarantee applies in the event of a delay of more than 50 minutes due to errors on the bus or deficiencies in the planning or other errors that Ybuss can directly affect. It does not apply to delays that relate to traffic disruptions due to poor road conditions, bad weather, accidents, problems at bus stations or other external circumstances or to delays due to other external events that Ybuss cannot affect.

At the times when the travel time guarantee takes effect, according to the conditions above, the customer is reimbursed with one (1) voucher / credit corresponding to the trip that was valid at the time of the delay. If the delay is more than 120 minutes, the customer is reimbursed with one (1) voucher / credit corresponding to two (2) trips of the trip that was valid at the time of the delay.

According to EU Coach and Bus passenger rights, you have the right to cancel the journey and get a refund if the bus is more than 120 minutes late from your starting destination.

Please note that Ybuss' commitment applies to the place of arrival in our own traffic. Connection with another transport operator, or connecting flight, is not part of our responsibility.

A complaint is recommended to be made briefly and in writing within fourteen (14) days from the current travel day and sent in via the Complaint under the Customer Service tab on


Well-being on board

All buses are non-smoking, even in the toilets. Remember to show consideration for fellow travelers when using cell phones and other mobile devices. On the night buses, there are many who want to sleep and have peace around them. Please respect this. The driver has the right to reject the person who disturbs his fellow passengers.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on board.