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Information for you who are traveling with Ybuss / Line 100/98

Ybuss runs line 100 (Umeå-Örnsköldsvik-Sundsvall) and line 98 (Sollefteå-Kramfors-Sundsvall) in collaboration with Din Tur, the Public Transport Authority in Västernorrland County. The traffic has been operated entirely commercially by Ybuss since September 2011. A number of travel documents are also valid in Västerbotten County, in collaboration with Länstrafiken Västerbotten.


For time information and information regarding line 100 and line 98.

  • The booking on
  • Ybuss Customer Service: 0771- 33 44 44
  • The trip planner on
  • Din Tur Customer Service: 0771- 100 110

Tickets and booking

You as a traveler can choose to book your ticket at where we always have our lowest prices or buy your ticket via a reseller. On the route Umeå-Sundsvall and Sollefteå-Sundsvall, a seat guarantee applies, which means that you are always guaranteed a place if you choose to go directly to the bus and buy your ticket on board.

Din Tur Tur travel documents that are valid with Ybuss

Pre-purchased single ticket at Din Tur's point of sale. You must buy 2 tickets if the trip involves a transfer (change to / from another line).

• Period Card Relation
• Period card Municipality
• The county card
• Period card Norrlandsresan
• Travel fund
• Business card

Tip! If you want to make a trip on a route other than the one you have chosen on your Period Card, you can load the card with a Travel Fund. Tell the driver that you want to make a deviating trip and use Reskassan..

Din Turs travel document that is not valid with Ybuss

• Transition with single ticket purchased on board a bus on another line
• Transition with pre-purchased single ticket where the journey started on another line
• Senior card Sundsvall municipality
• School card
• The youth card Örnsköldsvik

Travel document Västerbotten County
On Ybuss / line 100, Västerbotten's Länstrafiks Period Card, Single Ticket, Travel Card with travel cash, Travel Card (against invoice) and Business Card also apply.

In both counties, the Norrland trip applies. Transition tickets, Discount cards, Senior cards do not apply. School cards are only valid in Västerbotten County, not in Västernorrland County.
Purchase and charge of Din Turs / Västerbottens Länstrafik's travel card takes place at Din Turs / Västerbottens Länstrafik's points of sale.

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