Terms of Travel


Pets are not allowed on our buses. The exception is guide dogs, eg for the visually impaired.


To all our frequent travellers there is a possibility to receive your 11:th trip for free. Just register in our bonus-program on www.ybuss.se 

Cancellation- and Rebooking insurance

If you need to change your travelplans our rebooking- and cancellation insurance allows you to reschedule your trip before departure. The insurance fee must be payed when the booking is made and will not be repaid. You can only make your reebooking or cancellation by calling Ybuss Customer Support or by contacting one of our retailers. If you want to rebook or cancel your trip on an overnight bus, and our Customer Support is closed, please contact us as soon as possible the following morning at 0771- 33 44 44.

Comfort Onboard

Smoking is not permitted on buses or in the WC. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other similar electronic devises may be used onboard. However, show consideration to other passengers. On overnight buses, there are many people who want to sleep and have a peaceful surrounding. Please respect this. The driver has the right to turn away anyone that disturbs his or her fellow passengers. Changing of buses may occur and if so Ybuss cannot guarantee the regular onboard service.


Please email us on reklamation@ybuss.se in the event of a complaint and enclose the relevant ticket number for the journey in question, your name and address. The complaint should reach us no later than 14 days after the journey in question.

Delays/Travel Time Guarantee

When the arrival of our bus at the customer’s destination is delayed by more than 50 minutes, compared to the times stated in the timetables, the customer has the right to compensation. Note that Ybuss commitment applies to destinations on our own routes (it is not valid when the customer has purchased an additional journey from another carrier). For delays exceeding 50 min, the passenger is compensated with one (1) free one-way journey equivalent to the journey in question on the occasion of the delay. If the delay exceeds two hours, the passenger is compensated with two (2) one-way journeys equivalent to the route in question on the occasion of the delay. Compensation is paid in the form of a value voucher; cash payments are not made. The value voucher can be used subsequently to purchase a new journey from Ybuss. If the delay is caused by weather or traffic congestion, over which Ybuss has no control, no compensation is paid.


To make things as easy and comfortable as possible for everyone to travel with us, Ybuss tries to meet the needs of all passengers. In need of assistance for passengers who are sight, hearing or mobility-impaired please contact Ybuss on 0771-33 44 44 no later than 7 days before departure.


Students: A passenger with valid verification from the Studentkort, CSN, Studentkortet or Mecenat travel with a discount according to current pricelist. Discounts are also valid for international students with ISIC cards. Valid card and identification must be available during the entire journey, to support the right to the discount. Children/young adults are entitled to discount until the day they turn 26. The passenger must be able to prove his/her age. Babies travel for free with an own seat until the day they turn 2 years old. Reservation for babies is needed.

Dispute resolution

In the event of a dispute, we would like to draw attention to the existence of the EU’s online platform for online dispute resolution ( ODR)  https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. This is in accordance with Article 14 (1) of Regulation (EU) 524/2013.


Luggage that exceed two bags + one hand luggage and goods must be reserved with Ybuss ahead of departure and according to current pricelist for goods. Bulky goods e.g. large packages and bicycles are not allowed on board. Folded bicycles and skiis in associated bag are allowed. Ybuss is not liable if the goods are not picked up at Ybuss stop upon arrival. Always contact Ybuss at 0771-33 44 44 to make your reservation.


On holidays and long weekends the timetable could be adjusted in order to meet our customers demand. Visit www.ybuss.se for the current timetable or call us on 0771-33 44 44.


The luggage total weight per fare paying passenger is max 25 kg. The maximum value of the luggage may not exceed 15% of a base sum (47,600 SEK for 2021). A maximum of two (2) bags per passenger may be loaded in the bus’s luggage space. Fragile luggage shall be well packed. Inflammable or explosive goods are not allowed. Please note that objects of value or cash may not be held in the bus’s luggage space. One (1) small item of hand baggage may accompany the passenger. The maximum dimensions for luggage inside the bus are 40 x 30 x 20 cm. For safety reasons, no luggage may be placed in the central aisle or by any exits. It is the passenger’s responsibility to mark his/her luggage with the name, address and telephone number. Ybuss is not liable for damaged, misplaced or stolen luggage. In the event of damage, we refer to the passenger’s own insurance. The exception is when Ybuss have acted with gross negligence or intent, or in the case of an accident. Passengers have, in accordance with applicable law, the right to compensation for baggage damaged or lost due to accidents that occur due to the use of the bus.

Lost property

For more information about how to get your lost property back, please contact us on 0771-33 44 44.

Onboard payment

It is not possible to buy your ticket onboard. Your ticket can be purchased on ybuss.se, 0771- 33 44 44 or from one of our partners.


Our prices are governed by supply and demand and the prices can vary. Current prices can be found on www.ybuss.se.

Privacy Policy

Ybuss is fully committed to protecting your individual rights and keeping your personal data safe. In our Privacy Policy we describe the collection, usage, storage and sharing practices of personal data. You can read more abour our privacy policy on Dataskyddspolicy


Reservation gives you seat guarantee on all our routes.


Ybuss only stops at the stops given in the timetable. It is not possible to step on and off at other locations.


In this context, “ticket” means ticket bought onboard or the printed document with the pertinent ticket number or just the ticket number and verification to support the right to any discount. Tickets from Resplus are valid.

Tickets from Din Tur and Länstrafiken Västerbotten (public transport in Västernorrland and Västerbotten counties) like Single Tickets (except tickets from Din Tur app), Period Cards, Travel Fund and Norrlandsresan are valid.


If, during an inspection, a passenger cannot present a valid ticket, an inspection fee, currently 800 SEK, is levied. The same applies for passengers that travel at a discounted price but cannot verify their right to the discount. It is the passenger’s responsibility to check that the information on the ticket/confirmation is in agreement with the route, time and date ordered. Alighting and boarding must be done at the booked stops.